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What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Now I’m not a morning person in the least bit, it takes me about 20-30 minutes and laying there, reading in bed and digesting information before I feel safe enough to get up and face the day. During that time I like to read snippets from a few newsletters I receive , check tumblr, and of course scroll through Instagram. While I don’t follow many people I’m not friends with in real life the ones that I  I absolutely love.

A few days ago a friend and I were talking about good Instagramers (Instagram accounts? Not sure what the proper word is there). I had told her I would get her a list of some of my favorites, the kind that leave you drooling over a linen closet or a cluster of mason jars. I ended up compiling a list of my favorites (some with jars and some without) and I figured I would share it on here for all of the world to see.

Without further ado and in no particular order, my favorite ladies of Instagram

Local Milk


Why I love it:
While I have no particular order, Local Milk is one of the accounts that stands out the most for me when I think about my favorite photographers on Instagram. Beth’s photos have a dreamlike quality to them that make me both want to stay in and travel the world at the same moment. Her photos are both rustic, refined, and have an underlying coziness that I find hard to describe but I can’t stop looking at.

What to expect:
Moody images with beautiful lighting, artfully arranged food, rustic scenery that feels as though it’s from a different time


Lean Timms


Why I love it:
Frankly I can’t pinpoint one thing that I love about Lean’s photography. Her photos have a variety of subjects that all of the same effect–they make me happy. They feel simple, lovely, and showcase wonderful bits of everyday. What isn’t to love?
What to expect:
Bright, sunny, and just generally happy and beautiful images


My Northern Story


Why I love it:
This is an account I haven’t been following for very long, but I still really adore. Hailey’s photos are calm and cozy without any hint of pretentiousness. The images allow you to live vicariously through Hailey and peek into her life in Northern Europe, even if just for a moment.

What to expect:
Calm moments at home, lovely outdoor scenery, images of her little boy


Jersey Ice Cream Co.


Why I love it:
Jersey Ice Cream Co. is a couple Tara and Percy, who are self described “hands-on home designers.” Although I have no evidence of this I have a strong feeling that they might be behind every well curated bedroom on Pinterest. This has yet to be proved though… Their photos allow you to peep into other’s perfectly curated homes and get a glimpse of their process. That, and see some killer travel photos. They seem to have plenty of those.

What to expect:
Travel photos, loads of home interiors, antique goodies and plaster walls


Almost Makes Perfect


Why I love it:
To be honest, I have a bit of a girl crush on Molly. Currently her blog Almost Makes Perfect is one of my go to reads, I follow her on snapchat, and I love seeing what she posts on Instagram. She takes beautiful photos and comes up with the best DIY projects around. Her feed shows off a lot of the finished results of her projects as well lovely goodies in her life. Oh, and she has two adorable cats.

What to expect:
Lots of bright white space, a dangerous amount of swoon worthy DIYs, and curated photos of day-to-day life


Kate Miss


Why I love it:
I have been following Kate Miss for several years on previous her blog and now on her new site She seems like rad lady, has great taste, and posts colorful photos that have the right balance of down-to-earthness and damn that’s lovely. Kate is multi-talented lady who showcases her photography, jewelry skills (she has been selling her own line for years), and the occasional DIY.

What to expect:
Beautiful light, lots of flowers, perfect photos of Joshua Tree, and her pets Wendy the cat and June the dog.


Emma Fineman


Why I love it:
I’m not sure how I originally found out about Emma, but her Instagram showcases her many talents such as painting, photography (probably obvious), fashion design, and generally decorating her studio is rad ways. I love the mix of subjects and find all of her imagery inspiring in different ways.

What to expect:
The ocean, sassy ladies donning her designs, photos of her cool studio, and a healthy dose of plants.


Country Road Living


Why I love it:
When I think of the perfect bathroom, kitchen, or really any farm house I think of this home. When I started talking to my friend about who I follow on Instagram, this was the account that I was thinking of. I like to live vicariously through Angie’s images of perfectly tousled light gray linens and a her spotless kitchen (how does it stay so clean?). 

What to expect:
Striped linens, driftwood accents, and a lovely little home for you to ogle


Stephanie Draime


Why I love it:
Stephanie’s photos are my favorites parts of Tumblr, but with 90% less pictures of coffee. Her photos are beautiful, adventurous, and highlight everyday objects in a new light.

What to expect:
Beautiful buildings, moody still lives, and travel photos that will make you immediately want to quit your job to travel the world


Reading My Tea Leaves


Why I love it:
Erin’s photos  are simple, unpretentious, and lovely. I just started following her this week (thanks Stephanie!), but scrolling through her old photos put a smile on my face and I look forward to seeing more.

What to expect:
Brooklyn, daily life, and a lovely balance of everything

Who are your favorite photographers on Instagram? After doing my research for this post I just want to see more. Also, how do you normally find them? Many of these ladies I found found through there blogs, but I would love other suggestions.

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