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Your future self

Have you ever sat down and thought about how you want to see yourself? It’s kind of an odd thing. I find that I have these random thoughts in my head of not just who I am, but this dream me. For me the the imaginary me is far more articulate, stylish, a healthy eater, and does yoga. After thinking about this the other day I decided I that I want to actively start working to be that person. My first step–actually doing yoga.

For a long time I kept telling myself that I would take yoga classes in my neighborhood. There was always a caveat, I would start when blank happened, whatever that was. After having a little unexpected free time today I decided to give it a shot at home and follow along with a youtube video. I am happy to report that although the video kicked my ass royally (I may have not finished and then taken a nap afterwards) I feel so much better. There is something to be said about actually doing the work (whatever that might be) and taking one small step towards your goals.

Do you find that you line up with your ideal or future self? Does anything about that person surprise you? For me I know that I need to work on getting over instant gratification to be healthier and be the person I want to be. I am curious how common that is and if by thinking about “that person” we can make those changes easier.

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