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Labeless living (kind of)

For awhile I kept seeing a pin that had several mason jars with white text that said “Living without labels.” I might be remembering this slightly wrong so if I am forgive me, I wasn’t able to find it again. I didn’t read the blog post at first. Frankly, I found it vaguely annoying. This partly had to do with the amount that it was coming up in my feed (thanks Pinterest) but mostly it was the fact that it’s very difficult to separate yourself from all companies and rid your life of labels. Basically when I saw this pin I just rolled my eyes and assumed it was another high and mighty post about well… fill in the blank.

As you may have guessed at some point I decided to give in and read the damn thing, and as you may have also guess it resonated with me. While I am not going to be stepping back and never buying another item again, the post instead suggested something much more reasonable in my mind–removing the labels after you purchase an item.


Why you ask? Well labels are designed to make the product jump off the shelf and grab your attention. Once you take them home they don’t stop trying to make you look. I’m a big advocate of getting rid of anything of anything that doesn’t make you happy (yep, I’m a sucker for some Marie Kondo) and trying to get rid of any unnecessary visual clutter in my apartment. To me this seemed like a simple way to keep some necessities without having them stealing my attention whenever they got a chance. 


After reading the post I decided to give it a try. I peeled the label off of my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, most of the bottles in the bathroom, and a few random ones that caught my attention. The next morning while getting ready I realized something. My shower was way more peaceful than usual. This may sound silly, but something funny happens when you remove the brand names/logos from your products. It is almost like you see them for what they are, not for their branding and marketing. I found that I was able to maintain my thoughts better instead of looking at the bottle and analyzing it.

This is such a simple thing, but if you haven’t tried I would urge you to give it a shot. Remove as many labels as you can in your bathroom (or wherever works for you) and see how it feels. Does it look better? Do they catch your eye less? In the future I want to buy nicer bottles for many of those every day neccesities, but until then I am enjoying them being naked and without their distracting labels. 


Images:  Top (Lindsay Ostrom).  Middle (Bev Weidner). Bottom (Jersey Ice Cream Co. 

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