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A portable home for two

I could browse for hours looking at tiny homes but what gets me really excited is when they combine small space with unique and minimal design (I am a designer after all). Sometimes I like to imagine that I could be an architect in another life, but for now I am just going to admire houses online. 

Today’s house was designed by the ÁBATON Architecture firm. It was designed to be the ideal living space for two people that is easily transported by road and ready to be placed anywhere. Frankly, I am a little disappointed because ÁBATON is based in Spain which makes my dream of owning this house significantly more difficult. Until then, I am going to dream of placing this modern gem in the woods with a garden in the back. I love the simplicity and use of natural materials, but I could see it being too harsh for some tastes? What do you think?







Photos by: Juan Baraja


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